A word from CEO


Hi folks! After deciding to form a games startup our little crew has faced many challenges, and more challenges are yet to come. We introduced the first alpha version of our first game in late May but decided to turn it down and start a new one with faster game mechanics and most of all more interesting gameplay. After a month and a half of coding, designing, drawing and banging our heads on the wall I’m finally ready to tell that the first alpha version of our game is going to be ready to play next week! It’s a fast paced mobile game which gives the player a feel control, speed and creativity. Name still pending.

In the midst of all game making we also managed to get one team member more, and we are happy to welcome Marianna as one of us here in Tuiske! She’s our lovely graphic artist and all you fans and players will be seeing lots of her work in the future. Pics coming soon!

While waiting the beta version to be launched I wish good summer to all of you!

Take care.

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