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Hello fellow game developers/gamers/other awesome cool people who found this post! Is it hot and sunny outside there as well? If so, that’s great but stay inside anyway, close the shutters, turn the lights nice and low and keep on reading. If not, well what else is there to do, huh?

Our game project that we’ve been developing this past summer (while we’ve been one of the teams at Turku Boost Startup Journey), has progressed to alpha phase. Our core mechanics are now implemented but we will be updating them and we’re also gonna be adding lots of cool stuff in the very near future.
The game has 2 main mechanics that we will go into detail on how they were made: the drawing and the infinite runner mechanic. And because we use Unity as our game engine, these will also serve as Unity tutorials so as we show you the concept and implementation of these mechanics, you will get to learn how to use Unity and hopefully get some ideas on how to implement these sort of mechanics yourself. Learning is so cool, right?

The main objective in our game is to navigate the player as far as you can by drawing objects in to the game that help the main character progress through the levels. You also need to collect items and chili’s that boost your speed momentarily and rack up your score too. The key is to react quickly to the dangers in the environment – for example, there will be holes in the level that you don’t want the hero to drop into. So in this situation you would draw a bridge over the gap so that the hero can cross it.

We also have a new main character that our graphics designer Marianna provided for us. It’s an armadillo who wears these cool old timey pilot glasses that he needs when flying through the air at high speeds. Eye safety is important people! As is looking awesome of course.

So, if you’re interested in finding out how we make our game and also learning about all things Unity, follow us on Twitter and Facebook so you will updated the moment we release some new info. Stay tuned!

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